Welcome To The Wild River Rafting Kolad

Rafting is a high adrenaline sport of navigating a river in an inflatable raft. If you ever get into a mood for some good river rafting adventure, head straight for river Kundalika in western Maharashtra which is open for the sport throughout the year. River Kundalika is fed by the excess waters from the hydroelectric projects and dams, which makes river Kundalika ideally suited for white water rafting, and other water based adventure and leisure activities.

Our Best Packages

River Rafting is completely safe and will get your adrenaline pumped up! This top rated water activity is approximately 14 km long (lasting for 2 and half hours) and also a licensed activity. Get complimentary activities like Burma bridge, Commando crossing, Tarzan swing at Rafting Start Point in the package

Rs.600 for Weekdays
Rs.1100 for Weekends & Holidays

With Shower and Lunch 

We know you will be tired after Rafting and also hungry. Take a refreshing shower at DM Farms and have delicious Indian meal served along with dessert!

Get access to swimming pool and playground with complimentary WiFi also at 
DM Farms 

Rs.800 for Weekdays
Rs.1300 for Weekends & Holidays


Get Kayaking, Zipline and River Crossing
All the 3 Activities only for 
Rs. 500 


Enjoy the serene atmosphere away from the city hustle with DM Farms.
Stay in cottages or choose the tents for an adventurous experience accompanied with river rafting and meals in a combined package so there is no hassle at all in planning your trip. Amenities like swimming pool, playground with sports equipment, punching bag, bonfire, WiFi and clean surroundings will add up as icing on top.

Stay + All Meals + Rafting
Rs. 1700 for Weekdays

Rs. 2200 for Weekends & Holidays

Stay + Breakfast + Rafting + Lunch or Dinner
Rs. 1550 for Weekdays
Rs. 2000 for Weekends & Holidays

Stay + Breakfast + Rafting
Rs. 1400 for Weekdays
Rs. 1800 for Weekends & Holidays


 Get free WiFi access at DM Farms